Mobile bank for kids and teens

The ultimate app to teach your kids about money and entrepreneurialship, while offering them a real debit card!
Get yours at a special launching price of  28€ per year.
Includes cool wristband, app for parents and kids, one year subscription! 

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How it works

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Download Sokjo App

Send a link to your parents to open your account. Ready in just 5 min! Choose between a debit  card or wristband. Or have them both!

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Enjoy your cashless freedom


Ask your parents to send you money and plan your weekly, monthly allowances. Check your balance and decide how much to spend or save.

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Finance your projects

Do you dream of a trip to London? Upload a short video and explain why. Invite your parents and family to co-finance it. Save part of your pocket money for your dream.




For parents

Safe: Instantly block, and unblock your kid's card

Convenient: Program your kid's allowances or instantly send money

Easy: You only need one parent's account for all your kids

Educational: Teach your kids to manage their money and to choose  wisely their goals

For kids and teens

No more cash: Join the cashless revolution

Be more independent: Manage your money as an adult

Fund your dreams: Create cool videos to pitch your dream and ask your family to support you

Secure and approved

Sokjo uses a contactless payment technology in accordance with VISA / Mastercard rewuirements. 

We apply an advanced anti-fraud check on all payments. 

Sokjo runs all payments under the European, open banking regulation PSD2.


Reserve your Sokjo wristband

 Limited launch serie!

28€ per year.

Includes cool MasterCard wristband, app per parents and kids, one year subscription 


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